Get your grocery
curbside pickup slot

Pickup slots are scarce right now. We'll automatically scan for pickup slots across grocery stores in your area and text you when we find one.

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How it works

Create grocery account

Sign up for an account with the grocery stores that you want to use. Make sure you add a payment method so you can place your order right away when a slot becomes available.

Prepare your cart

Fill up your cart with everything you'd like to order. Making sure that it is ready to go. Feel free to prepare a cart for multiple stores if you want to increase your chances of getting a good slot.

Wait for text message

We'll send you a text as soon as a slot becomes available. Hurry! Log in to your grocery store account and claim your slot.

That's it!

Go ahead and pick up your order when it's ready. Make sure to tip well!

Works with

Harris Teeter
Fred Meyer
City Market
King Soopers
Pick 'n Save
Metro Market
JayC Foods Stores
Owen's Market
Price Chopper
Food Lion
Weis Markets
Tom Thumb
Giant Eagle

* Not affiliated or endorsed by any grocery store or chain

About Curb Run

Curbside pickup is the safest option for getting groceries right now, for store employees and people buying groceries alike. But slots can be frustratingly hard to get.

Chances are you live in an area with several different grocery stores, so why not look at all grocery stores in a reasonable driving distance to increase the chances of finding a slot?

Curb Run automates this whole process by scanning the individual grocery store websites for you. We'll send you a text as soon as a pickup slot becomes available.

Make sure your cart is completely ready to go! Slots disappear quickly.

Questions? You can reach out to us on Twitter at @MathiasHansen and @mjwhansen.

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Frequently asked questions

What about delivery?

Curb Run does not look for delivery slots. Delivery is the ultimate convenience, but it appears to be next to impossible to get a slot with most services. Curbside pickup has the advantage that you are able to consider multiple stores (if you live in a fairly-densely populated area).

How often do you check for pickup slots?

We currently check stores about every 5 minutes. We are trying to strike a balance between not causing excessive load to the store websites and having checks be frequent enough not to miss slots. We are continously keeping an eye on the volume and tweak parameters as necessary.

How do I change my notification settings?

All you will need to do is sign up again on this page. Your previous preferences will be replaced with your new notification settings.

How do I cancel and stop notifications?

Simply reply DONE to the text message you received from us. Note that we will only send matching timeslots once after a subscription has been created, you will explicitly need to reply with CONTINUE if you want us to keep looking.

Can you add store X?

Maybe, it depends… Tweet @MathiasHansen and @mjwhansen with your request and we'll look into whether it's possible to add the store. Keep in mind that for now we'd like to focus on grocery stores.

Does this cost anything? What's the catch?

No! This is completely free. Curbside pickup is better for public health and this makes it less frustrating. We are happy to cover the limited costs associated with running the service. We do not share your submitted data with anyone; the only organization that gets to see your phone number is our text service provider, Twilio.

How can I change what phone number to use?

Reply to the sign-up text message you received from us with DONE. This will stop the subscription. Now go and sign up for Curb Run notifications again with the new phone number.

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